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Let mi warmly welcome you on our homepage, which is a place online for AMBER BEAUTY. I invite you to get to know my favourites, occupants of magic house - "Amber Beauty Paradise".

Dogs have been constant companions of my life. They are my friends for good and for bad times. Accompanies me every time and everywhere.

I am educated engineer of architecture, graduate of Politechnika Gdańska. As I wanted to know more about needs and requirements of my dogs I decided to educate on Biology and Animals Breeding at University of Natural Sciences in Wrocław. Gained knowledge and experience helps me a lot in keeping small, family kennel of Papillons.

I am always open to give advice and to share my long time experience on how to take professional care of dogs.
Papillons were my love from the first view.

Even though I have always preferred big breeds my heart was stolen for those little butterflies.

They are cheerful, full of temperament, easy to go with, always willing to play and have fun. They are amazingly beautiful.

Running in the garden with wind-blown hairs around their heads they look like dancing butterflies full of colours. There is not only a lot of charm but also huge intelligence in those little dogs. Papillons are very healthy, long-living breed.

Those little dogs have great loving hearts.
There is no one not to be enchanted by them forever.

Best wishes
Anna Schellenberger